Kitchen Cabinet Door Refacing

Of all the various ways to remodel your kitchen, the most economical refurbishment of all is to reface your existing kitchen doors. There are usually 3 ways to reface your kitchen cabinets and that is by;

  • painting
  • refinishing or
  • replacing your kitchen doors

Now don’t fool yourself that this is the best way to go even if you are on a limited budget. Kitchen cabinet door refacing can only be successful if the doors to be refaced are still in good condition. If the doors are not (severely) dented, peeling or rotting away then they are the ideal candidates for painting or refinishing.

Kitchen Door Painting

Probably the best way to go when repainting kitchen doors is to use an enamel or oil based paint as they are much more harder wearing than their acrylic counterparts. Simply sand back your doors and putty the dings and dents. Use a brush or spraygun to get the best effect.

Melamine or laminate doors will pose a bigger problem when it comes to repainting them as paint does not stick very well to either. Fortunately, paint manufacturers are now developing new laminate paint formulations that will adhere to melamine or laminate doors much better.

Kitchen Door Refinishing

If you have timber doors in your kitchen your best bet is to refinish them. This means sanding back your doors and panels in order to accept a stain (to change the colour) or keep the existing colour and just re-lacquer them.

Another method of refinishing is re-laminating or re-veneering the existing doors and panels. This can be achieved by gluing new laminate or timber veneer over all exposed surfaces in your kitchen. This method is more costly and time consuming as well.

Kitchen Door Replacement

If the kids have been swinging on them for far too long, or they are water damaged and rotting away then no amount of paint camouflage is going to make them look good. The best thing to do is just replace them. Make sure that you replace the door hinges and hinge plates as they will probably be on their last legs as well. The only downside to replacing your kitchen doors is that all of the kitchen panels have to be replaced also.

Just remember, if your kitchen cabinets are falling apart then do not attempt to reface anything as you will be just throwing your money away. It is false economy and a waste of your hard work to find out a year or so later that the bottom of your cabinets are now the kitchen floor!