Kitchen Design Software – The Virtual Decorator

Looking for kitchen design software, interior design software or room design software for commercial, residential or industrial design? Then take a look at The Virtual Decorator by Visual Supercomputing. For years now the professional kitchen design community have been using 3D software programs that enable their customers to visualise proposed kitchen designs – before construction….

Ikea Kitchen Planner

You can only visualize so much when trying to design your kitchen on grid paper. As you are looking top down only, you still need a fair bit of imagination to realise the front elevations. Luckily for you, Ikea has a free kitchen design software package that you can download from IKEA’s interactive kitchen guide….


What sets this kitchen design software apart from its competitors is the fact that this software is free to download. Now, in my opinion, this is great from a marketing point of view because it means that you don’t have to come up with the initial up front investment dollars. Where kitchen design software of…

Google SketchUp 3d design software

SketchUp is without a doubt the most easy to use 3D modelling design software I have ever used. Sketchup is incredibly easy to learn. Sketchup is incredibly intuitive. In fact, everything about Sketchup is incredible. Kitchen design couldn’t be easier with Sketchup. Did I mention SketchUp is free? Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? SketchUp is…