Kitchen Storage Accessories – Tansel Stainless Steel Wireware

A lot of kitchen storage hardware and kitchen accessories are made of chrome plated steel. This is OK for some applications in the kitchen but when water or moisture is present it can really be a problem.

For instance, it is common to install pull out metal baskets to the interior space of kitchen sink cabinets for the purpose of storing cleaning products that can easily be retrieved. These metal baskets are usually made of chrome plated steel but more importantly the drawer slides are also made of the same material. After time water or moisture can rust the drawer slides rendering them useless.

Tansel set themselves apart from other kitchen hardware products by using only stainless steel wire in their line of kitchen storage accessories. Their products are designed to be functional, affordable and last the test of time. Tansel wire is stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty and is rust resistant.

Some of their kitchen storage solutions include;

    • pull out pantry storage
    • pull out cabinet storage
    • pull out spice racks
    • pull out plate racks
    • pull out drawers with transparent bases (great for internal visibility)
    • Wine baskets
    • Lazy susans for corner cabinets
    • kitchen storage racks

Tansel Stainless Steel Wireware Pull out wine rack

Most of the Tansel kitchen storage range can be fitted into new or existing kitchen cabinets. They can accommodate kitchen cabinet widths from 200mm up to 900mm and their flexible installation suits both standard and custom built cabinets.

Tansel Stainless Steel Wireware Pull out drawer

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