Professional IKEA kitchen installation and assembly service

Here is an interesting business model that some one has developed by thinking outside of the box. The company is called Aussemble and they assemble and install IKEA kitchens for savvy people who know their (ahem) limitations with power tools (and boy do I know my limitations with circular saws…). They will take the hassle and frustration out of getting your new kitchen planned and installed and even save you money in the process.

Aussemble’s services include coming out to your own place and accurately measuring your kitchen. They will create a kitchen planning file based on their measurements and then they will store it on a computer database at the company office. When you rock up to IKEA you can upload your own file via IKEA’S kitchen planning computers and a trained IKEA staff member will design your new kitchen to suit your space and budget.

Interested in finding out more about these IKEA kitchen installers? Go to Aussemble‘s website and let them show you how you can have a hassle free IKEA kitchen installation.

ikea kitchen installation company