Retro Kitchen Renovation

I found this retro kitchen blog whilst searching the internet.

The creator of this blog is Pam Kueber. With the help of her husband Dave Fisher, they have been spending the last six years renovating their 1951 colonial ranch house in Massachusetts, USA. Their goal was to remake the rooms in a style compatible with the mid century feel of their home and this is where Pam’s acquired knowledge and interest sparked life into RetroRenovation.

Her passion and enthusiasm for all things retro is re-igniting interest with other like minded homeowners. Afficianados of retro style can now get inspiration from her website and rediscover the charms of a mid century way of life circa 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Retro kitchen

There is plenty of information and pictures on her site for you to get inspiration including popular items such as;

  • retro kitchens
  • retro wallpaper
  • retro curtains
  • retro furniture
  • retro flooring

There is a lot of information on her site so if you would like some help with your retro reno or get updates on new products to create that retro style visit RetroRenovation today.