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BLUM Kitchen Test Drive

Would you buy a car without a test drive? Of course not! Wouldn't it be great to test drive your new kitchen before it is even built? Now you can. Simply go to a Blum showroom and try a mock-up of your dream kitchen using life size mobile cabinets.

By utilising this generous offer you can easily fine tune your kitchen design ideas to determine:

  • if the kitchen layout suits your daily routine
  • if it provides enough storage space
  • if everything open and closes as it should

It doesn't matter how far you are with your planning. You can go to a Blum showroom anytime and experience practical cabinet solutions and ideas before your kitchen is made.

Touch and try out real solutions. What's more, the kitchen test drive is free, and without any obligations.

Australian designer Wendy Moore has joined forces with Blum and wants to encourage anyone thinking about a kitchen renovation or new kitchen build to make an appointment to do a Blum Kitchen Test Drive.

Wendy has graced our TV screens and has been an integral part of the design world for over 28 years, witnessing real-life experiences of people designing and creating a home they love. So, she understands the importance of getting it right the first time.

What is a Kitchen Test Drive?

Watch the video below and see how you can experience your kitchen designs in real life.

 Benefits for kitchen designers

  • show your kitchen designs to your customers in real life, using full-scale cabinets
  • use the test drive to find any unforeseen errors in your design. Is there enough bench space? Are the workflows smooth and efficient? Is there enough storage space?
  • the kitchen cabinets are mobile and can be quickly and easily moved around to show different kitchen layouts to your client
  • helps to demonstrate spatial awareness for your clients

You can you be rewarded!

Between 1 September and 6 December 2019, when you bring your customer into your local Blum Showroom for a Kitchen Test Drive, both you and your client will each be rewarded with a $100 Winning Appliances voucher after the appointment.

As an added bonus for your customer, they will be eligible to go into the draw to win a further $300 Winning Appliances voucher in the weekly draw.

Make an appointment for your kitchen test drive now. To book a kitchen test drive and experience your designs in real-life visit