Hafele's Axilo Wins A Red Dot Product Design Award 2019

Axilo kitchen cabinet plinth adjustment system by Hafele

Kitchen Plinth Adjusting Fitting System

Kitchen cabinet installers everywhere know just how hard it can be to adjust the height of a kitchen cabinet plinth leg. Installers generally have to lie flat out on the floor to reach the back adjustable legs of a cabinet so they can twist the leg left or right to move it up or down. In really difficult areas like corner base cabinets, sometimes you need to use a screwdriver to get extra reach into the back corner!

The heavier the cabinet, the harder it is to make leveling adjustments. Installers have to remove all internal parts of a cabinet (especially drawer systems) to make the cabinet light enough so it is easier to turn the adjusting legs.

Now, installers do not have to struggle any more. Thanks to Hafele's ingenious technical design team, they have come up with an adjustment tool that provides improved safety, ergonomics and ease of use.

 The adjusting tool is designed to work with Hafele's Axilo™ adjustable legs. Using the tool is quite simple:

  • Slide the tool onto the Axilo adjustable leg
  • Twist the knob at the end of the tool with your hand to raise or lower the adjustable leg
  • Alternatively, you can adjust the tool with a cordless screwdriver by simply placing a (supplied) 1/4 inch driver into the drill's chuck. Also supplied is a long driver which can be used where a drill cannot fit under the cabinet
  • The tool can be operated at a maximum angle of 10 degrees from horizontal

Watch the video below.

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