Australian Caesarstone Benchtop Prices

Caesarstone Snow kitchen benchtop
Courtesy of Caesarstone Snow 2141

Caesarstone benchtop prices start from $416 (inc. GST) per square metre (m2) for the Standard range up to $1,071 (inc. GST) per square metre (m2) for the Supernatural Ultra range. Installation, sink and cooktop cutouts are extra.

How Much Is A Caesarstone Benchtop?

Caesarstone has four price ranges. Standard, Deluxe, Supernatural and Supernatural Ultra. Prices vary depending on the range chosen. For example;

  • Standard Range - $416 to $550 (including GST) per square meter or $1,749 to $2,699 (including GST) per slab
  • Deluxe Range - $524 to $785 (including GST) per square meter or $2,199 to $3,299 (including GST) per slab
  • Supernatural Range - $666 to $1,190 (including GST) per square meter or $2,799 to $4,999 (including GST) per slab
  • Supernatural Ultra Range - $1,190 (including GST) per square meter or $4,999 (including GST) per slab

Caesarstone is an engineered stone. It is a mix of quartz aggregates, polymer resins and organic pigments. This mix provides strength and durability, making it far superior to natural stone and marble for your kitchen benchtop. Caesarstone benchtops have superior resistance to heat, staining and scratching. It is also the leading brand of quartz benchtops and engineered stone in Australia.

Look at the price tables below to match your chosen kitchen benchtop colour with the price.

Slab Price Specifications for Caesarstone benchtops

  • Slab size is 3000mm x 1400mm (4.2 m2)
  • Slab thickness is 20mm
  • Prices include GST
  • Installation costs, sink / cooktop cutouts are not included in price

Caesarstone Standard Range Prices

ColourRange$ per m2$ per Slab
Atlantic Salt™ 6270Standard$524$2,199
Buttermilk™ 4220Standard$524$2,199
Ginger™ 4330Standard$524$2,199
Ice Snow™ 9141 Standard$416 $1,749 
Intense White™ 6011 StandardTBA TBA
Jet Black™ 3100 Standard$524 $2,199
Linen™ 2230Standard $428 $1,799
Nordic Loft™ 6041Standard $428 $1,799
Nougat™ 6600Standard $488$2,049 
Ocean Foam™ 6141Standard $476 $1,999
Osprey™ 3141Standard $416$1,749 
Oyster™ 4030Standard $452 $1,899
Raven™ 4120Standard $524$2,199 
Snow™ 2141Standard $452$1,899 
Urban™ 2040Standard $428 $1,799
White Shimmer™ 3142Standard $452$1,899 
Wild Rice™ 4360Standard $643$2,699 

Caesarstone Deluxe Range Prices

ColourRangePrice (m2)Price (Slab)
Clamshell™ 4130Deluxe$524$2,199
 Cosmopolitan White™ 5130 Deluxe$762 $3,199 
 Fresh Concrete™ 4001Deluxe  $524$2,199 
 Frozen Terra™ 4601 DeluxeTBA  TBA
Georgian Bluffs™ 6134  Deluxe $785$3,299 
Organic White™ 4600  Deluxe$535  $2,249
 Pure White™ 1141 Deluxe$607 $2,549 
 Raw Concrete™ 4004 Deluxe $524$2,199 
 Shitake™ 4230Deluxe $524 $2,199 
 Sleek Concrete™ 4003Deluxe  $524$2,199 
Symphony Grey™ 5133 Deluxe $785  $3,299

Caesarstone Supernatural Range Prices

ColourRangePrice (m2)Price (Slab)
Airy Concrete™ 4040Supernatural$714$2,999
Alpine Mist™ 5110Supernatural$714$2,999
Bianco Drift™ 6131Supernatural$762$3,199
Cloudburst Concrete™ 4011Supernatural$762$3,199
 Excava™ 4046Supernatural$762$3,199
 Frosty Carrina™ 5141Supernatural$702$2,949
London Grey™ 5000 Supernatural$714$2,999
 Noble Grey™ 5211Supernatural$1,190$4,999
Piatra Grey™ 5003 Supernatural$666$2,799
 Primordia™ 4043Supernatural$666$2,799
 Rugged Concrete™ 4033Supernatural$762$3,199
Topus Concrete™ 4023 Supernatural $762 $3,199
 Turbine Grey™ 6313 Supernatural TBA TBA
 Vanilla Noir™ 5100 Supernatural $762 $3,199
 White Attica™ 5143Supernatural  $762 $3,199

Caesarstone Supernatural Ultra Range Prices

ColourRangePrice (m2)Price (Slab)
Calacatta Nuvo™ 5131Supernatural Ultra$1,190$4,999
Empira White™ 5151Supernatural Ultra$1,190$4,999
Statuario Maximus™ 5031Supernatural Ultra$1,190$4,999

N.B The Caesarstone price depicted should only be used as a guide. Check with your local stonemason or kitchen designer for up-to-date prices, installation costs and colour availability.

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